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So Now What?

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

Yesterday I had a Dr's appointment and as the Dr came in she began to speak words over me that would leave anyone struggling and stirring in there thoughts.

So I began to pray immediately under my breath!

I know.... Those thoughts, the enemy is right there.

I had about 100 racing thoughts, but as soon as they came I had to rebuked them!

I had to grab ahold of my thoughts and exam them.

Where were they coming from? Were they all fear based?

I began to declare gods promises, reminding my self not only of what god says about me, but what my Father has established in the heavens regarding me and what he created me for.

The enemy is alive, lurking and roaming to devour anything and anyone he can.

Theres a reality the enemy hates us and hates our destiny. He hates who I am and what I was created for.

These trails can leave us before God asking "Now what"? "Where Do I Go From Here"?

Sometimes the news we get can leave us confused, where the beauty is? or what good will come from all of this?

What I can say is this..... The Lord has called me and when he called me, he called me to have radical Faith. To believe him to move mountains, to shift atmospheres and to do the unimaginable with HIM and in HIS NAME!

So I partner with that! My god is on the throne and I am HIS Beloved.

No matter what your going through or what news you've gotten, Remember Who's you are! Your Father In Heaven Loves you and He's Got this!

Stand Firm In Faith and Hold Tight to HIS Truths!

I love you and I'm praying for you

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