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Its Okay To Be Rejected

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

As I sit here praying. I hear the Lord saying "Its okay to be rejected".

The lord began to give me pictures of people who have hurt me, pictures of their hurt, pictures of what he's healing them of and he began to change my heart about rejection.....

Ladies when we think about the pain of rejection it's so painful because all we can think about is "I've tried" or "What have I done wrong"?

We can all think back on times of rejection and think ... I have no idea why???

Sometimes we can't even place what happened or what caused it.

The truth is satan is right there to taunt us and make us believe where less then and to be honest its hard to not allow those thoughts to enter into our hearts.

Through the years the Lord has shown me his heart on rejection and every time he reminds me of these simple truths and it brings me comfort.

Sometimes rejection is God really hiding your worth and your value for a time and season from the ones around you because they will use you and cause pain that the enemy will use to pull you off track.

Sometime rejection is God protecting you because they simply can't go where you're going,

If they included you or paid attention to you would it distract you from where he is calling you?

I like to call both of these situations "Divine Redirection".